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IHSAA Tip of the Week

  IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week “Promoting education-based athletics in Indiana.” The Philadelphia Eagles official twitter account quoted Coach Kelly about his quarterback Nick Foles, saying that he may not be fleet of foot, but he’s fleet of mind. What kind of athlete do you consider yourself to be?  Most high school athletes lack

Senior Spotlight Megan Longenecker

Megan was born on November 16, 1995 to Greg and Michelle Longenecker.  She has two younger sisters, Andrea and Emily. Megan has enjoyed playing basketball since the 5th grade. She has tried other sports along the way, but none of them stuck with her like basketball did. She loves the aggressiveness of the game, and

Senior Spotlight Kaylee Lehnen

  Kaylee Ann Lehnen was born on May 17, 1996 to Marc and Kim Lehnen. Kaylee is the oldest of two children. Taylor, her younger sister, 14, also attends RossvilleMiddle School. Kaylee has been extremely active throughout her high school career. She participated in volleyball from grades 5-8. She also was a part of the

Senior Spotlight Jensen Sheets

  Jensen Marie Sheets     Jensen was born March 15, 1996. Her parents are Janet and Joe Sheets. Her brother, Jordan, graduated from Rossville in 2007, he played basketball and was in track and graduated from Purdue in 2011. Jensen has attended every Hornet track meet for the past 12 years, either watching her brother or

Senior Spotlight Jordan Mitchell

Jordan Mitchell Immediate family: Parents: Todd and Gina Mitchell Siblings: Brandon and Ashley Mitchell Favorite athlete: Myself Favorite team: New York Giants Favorite movie: Win-Win Most-played song on your iPod: That’s My Kind of Night – Luke Bryan Celebrity you’d want to take to prom: Hayden Panettiere Favorite video game: Grand Theft Auto 5 Most

Senior Spotlight Jacob Guffey

Jake Guffey Immediate family: Parents: Grandma Diane Buntin Siblings: Josh Guffey Favorite athlete: Jordan Bouroughs Favorite team: Colts Favorite movie: 300 Most-played song on your iPod: Radioactive Celebrity you’d want to take to prom: Carrie Underwood Favorite Video Game:  Call of Duty Most prized possession: Bow Goal for the year:  Make it as far as

Senior Spotlight Brandon Tonsoni

Brandon Tonsoni is the oldest son of Brian and Amy Tonsoni.  His brother Brent is a sophomore at Rossville and also plays on the basketball team. Brandon fell in love with the game of basketball at an early age.  A nerf hoop attached to the bathroom door and a Little Tykes basketball hoop in the

Senior Spotlight Bea Alonso

Beatriz Alonso Ibanez (Bea) is an exchange student from Laredo, Spain and is making a great addition to the Memmer family while she is staying in Indiana. In Spain she lives with her mother Esperanza and her sister Cristina (when she is on break from university).  Bea is quite athletic and plays beach volleyball in

Senior Spotlight Et Brenneman

To a lot of you this may come as a surprise, E.T.’s name is actually Ethan Wayne Brenneman; his legal name is actually not E.T. Ethan was born on February 27, 1996 to David and Sharma Brenneman. He is the youngest of three boys in his family. Growing up Ethan had an unmistakable talent in

Senior Spotlight Austin Miller

Austin Miller is the son of Matthew and Shelly Miller.  Austin was born into A Rossville Hornet family and has attended Rossville since kindergarten.  Austin has always enjoyed athletics.  In middle school he participated in cross-country, basketball, baseball, and played golf in the summer. During his high school career he has played basketball and golf.