Multiple Teams · Senior Spotlight Et Brenneman

To a lot of you this may come as a surprise, E.T.’s name is actually Ethan Wayne Brenneman; his legal name is actually not E.T. Ethan was born on February 27, 1996 to David and Sharma Brenneman. He is the youngest of three boys in his family. Growing up Ethan had an unmistakable talent in whatever sport he attempted. After playing basketball, baseball, and football, he decided to focus mainly on basketball. He spent many summers traveling the state playing aau basketball.

Ethan has been playing on the varsity for three years. He is really looking forward to stepping into a role as a senior on the floor. E.T. is capable of playing all five positions on the floor and will probably be asked to do so in the upcoming season. Ethan hopes the team can have a successful year, but he is hoping more to be able to shine his Christian light on and off the floor.

Off the floor Ethan enjoys any type of work he can find that entails building things or working with his hands. He is an avid hunter and loves to spend time in the woods. He participates in his church youth group and enjoys spending time with family and friends.  E.T. plans to enter the workforce right after high school before deciding on any more future plans.